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Memoar is an organization using a method of conducting historical research through recorded
interviews between a narrator and an interviewer. We do this by interviewing people with
particularly important an interesting life stories, in a studio at Bergen offentlige bibliotek (Bergen
Public Library), situated between the railway station and the bus station. Normally we are one or two
persons doing the interview. The interview will be videotaped.

We have two goals. First and foremost we wish that many more people than the celebrities should
be able to share the stories about their life and life experiences. We all have a lot to learn from each
other, and the more life stories we hear the wiser we get and the less prejudices we get. If the
narrator agrees, we therefore publish the interview or parts of it on our web site


We organize the interviews according to theme. This letter comes from a group working to collect
stories about migration. Something that is significant for our time is that many more than before
leave their home counties and move to other countries and cultures.

We would like to interview you about your childhood and the way you were raised, what it was like
to live where you grew up, why you wanted to move, the journey, the meeting with the new place
and the culture and people there, perhaps other changes of locations – and what the situation is
today. We want to ask you about both everyday events and more special ones, both serious matters
and funny episodes. We would like to do this within the time span of an hour or two.
The interview will be in Norwegian or English. Later we will try to find solutions for other languages.

After the interview we will document it with a text and a keywords list like we have done with the
other interviews you can see on our theme web site We will not publish it
until you tell us it is ok. If you do not want your history to be published, we will not do it. But we
would very much prefer that it can be stored in a public archive.

If you are willing to take this on, we would like you to read through the attached suggestion for an
agreement about how the interview can be used. Then send an email or phone or text Bjørn Enes on
41 51 67 45. We would prefer to do the interview on a Wednesday, but other days are also possible.
We are looking forward to meeting you in the studio!

ind regards
Memoar, Project Group Migrasjon
Bjørn Enes  -  Liv Marit Dalen Godstein

Bjørn Enes,
24. mar. 2018, 00:14
Bjørn Enes,
24. mar. 2018, 00:14